About Me

Currently, I am a Junior at Morgan State University, located in Baltimore, Maryland. I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My expected graduation date is in 2025.

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About My Mentor

My mentor, Dr. Chris Crawford from the University of Alabama, is a researcher who’s work focuses on Brain-Computer Interfaces, as well as Human-Robot Interaction. His work aims to leverage novel neurophysiological sensing technologies, software engineering, and robotics to create tools and applications that support the exploration of Brain-Robot Interaction.

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About My Project

mBot Neo

Problem: There is a lack of reasearch focusing on exploring ways to build educational software that integrates physical robots and physiological sensors.

Approach: During this project, I will assist a team in designing a system that accomplishes the following:

Expected Outcome: The project is expected to result in a conference poster presentation at the end of the DREU program. The poster will focus on the system’s technical architecture.

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